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Choose from our ready to go services below, create customised bundles to take to your customers via our Life Manager app.


Every connected app or service is linked to each individual's secure Personal Info Bank, so Magpie users can share their information between services freely, without worry of how it is being used.

We offer an endless range of subscription bundles that connect apps and smart devices for different departments of consumers' lives; be it wallet, personal safety or mobile.

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60x60xServiceIcons_Fingerprint.png.pagespeed.ic.LB6P9Lu3MZPersonal Information Bank

All of our services are connected within our app by a Personal Information Bank where the user securely stores their personal information, allowing for easy and consented sharing of data between apps.

Emergency CashEmergency Cash

Enables worldwide emergency cash to be quickly delivered to the customer when they alert us that they have lost their wallet and cancelled their cards with just a few clicks.

Wallet LocatorWallet Locator

Smart tech Bluetooth tracker for wallets, purse, handbags, keys and other valuable items featuring helpful separation alerts to not only help locate an item when it is lost, but to prevent the loss from ever happening.

Mobile SecurityMobile Security

Our powerful antivirus software for Android users defends phone’s data while anti-theft allows users to find, lock and contact their lost device remotely from wherever they are.

Mobile SecurityMobile Antivirus

Market-leading virus protection software for Android users offering extra peace of mind while they operate in the mobile banking security eco system.

Cards and DocsCards & Docs

Enables consumers to handily and securely store important documents on their phone, accessible at the touch of button wherever they may be.

Account TrackerAccount Tracker

An app that allows users to aggregate all of their financial accounts (debit and credit) into one view with one authentication, simplifying the mobile banking experience for the common multi-bank consumer.

ServiceIcons_PersonalSafetyPersonal Safety Wearable

A smart tech wearable cleverly designed to protect loved ones by pairing with their guardians’ phones. If ever in difficulty, the wearer can quickly and easily send alerts to the guardians’ phones with 2 clicks of the bracelet, providing the guardians with exact location and directions.

Low Cost International CallsLow Cost International Calls

A useful app ideal for the frequent traveller that allows users to significantly reduce travel costs by converting international calls to local over Wi-Fi.

LuggageSmart Luggage

A tracker that connects a traveller’s luggage to their phone ensuring peace of mind of its proximity, and, in the event of lost baggage, enables tracking and return with minimum friction.

ServiceIcons_UrbanAngelTravel Guardian

Allows users to discretely record events when they feel in vulnerable situation by initiating ‘stealth mode’ with 5 shakes of the phone. Recordings are sent automatically to the cloud in real time creating important evidence in the event of an offence.

ServiceIcons_Web SecurityWeb Security

Automatically scan websites and warn you about their security before you access them, without interrupting your regular browsing unless it's necessary.

ServiceIcons_MedicalMedical Manager

An app that securely stores a user’s key personal and medical information that can be accessed by medical staff in the case of an emergency.

ServiceIcons_PersonalSafetyKid's GPS Watch

A full SIM based GPS watch cleverly designed to protect loved ones by pairing with their guardians’ phones. Once connected the guardians can see the watch’s exact location at all times, set distance parameters and even receive calls from the wearer.

ServiceIcons_PlannerTrip Planner

A smart travel app that allows users to easily connect their trip itineraries to one place in their phone. The service intelligently offers additional services ahead of travel.

ServiceIcons_HashtagEmergency Numbers

A simple app that enables customers to quickly access emergency numbers for every country in the world with a few clicks.

ServiceIcons_BreakdownRoadside Assistance

A digitised breakdown service that allows the consumer to notify their insurer of the emergency with one click, simultaneously equipping their provider with their full GPS location.

Luggage TrackerLuggage Tracker

An app and baggage tag that acts as an international passport for luggage allowing officials to easily identify and return lost baggage with minimum friction.

Wallet LocatorLost Wallet

Enables consumers to register all their cards in their wallet meaning that in the event of a lost wallet, cancelling and re-ordering is just one process with a few clicks.

ServiceIcons_InsuranceIntelligent Insurance

Revolutionising insurance claims by digitising and making mobile-responsive the form and supporting documents process for our distribution partners offering insurance cover. Fundamentally improving service and efficiency for both the user and the insurer.

ServiceIcons_AssistantPersonal Assistant

Personal Assistant provides users with a complete view of their suppliers from all areas of their lives. Our distribution partners can provide their customers with useful product information, T+Cs, forms and contact information, digitising services which are currently paper.

ServiceIcons_Privacy MonitorPrivacy Monitor

Clueful: Your information is valuable and often gets used without you knowing or giving permission. Take back control and use this service to understand what other apps are doing with your personal data and how they treat your privacy.

ServiceIcons_Personal DetailsPersonal Details

Supporting our distribution partners to digitise their customer communications. Personalised information, files and images can be sent directly into the palm of customers hands in real time by the partner from within their own portal within the Life Manager app.


An interactive map displaying locations that support Life Manager services (e.g. food and drink outlets included within our discounts scheme) and using the customer’s location to direct them there. Can also be presented as a PaaS service customisable by our distribution partners to communicate useful locations to customers.


Digitising our distribution partner’s membership cards to ensure that their customers are never without them, improving retention, usage levels and reducing costs incurred with production of physical cards. The enabled check-in functionality allows partners to see who has used the card and when, triggering any relevant communications.

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